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Vonage Video Express reference

Here are the properties of the high-level VideoExpress object with brief descriptions:
Name Description
CameraPublisher Provides the mechanism for controlling the local video stream.
CameraSubscriber Provides access to the participant’s camera video.
getActiveAudioOutputDevice() Returns a Promise that resolves the current audio output device.
getAudioOutputDevices() Returns a promise that resolves the audio output devices (such as speakers) available to the browser.
getDevices() Returns an array of objects corresponding to available microphones and cameras.
hasMediaProcessorSupport() Checks whether the client supports media processors, like video filters.
LocalParticipant Represents the local user in the room.
Participant Represents a remote user connected to the room. It provides access to its camera and screen subscriber objects.
PreviewPublisher Used to preview media functionality.
Room Represents the video call and provides access to much of the VideoExpress functionality.
ScreenPublisher Provides the mechanism for controlling the local screen stream.
ScreenSubscriber Provides access to the participant’s screen video.
setAudioOutputDevice() Sets the new audio output device.
setProxyUrl() Sets the URL of the IP proxy server.
version This property returns the current version of Vonage Video Express.

See the Video Express developer guide for more details.